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Hedge Trimmer Servicing

Yeppoon Small Motor Service offer both a standard and a standard + carburettor service for hedge trimmers.

Hedge Trimmer Standard Service

$130 to $180

Estimated price - inclusive of Parts & Labour

  • Change Oil (4-strokes only)
  • Drain Fuel Tank
  • Flush Fuel Tank
  • Change Fuel
  • Check / Renew Air Filter
  • Check / Renew Fuel Filter
  • Check / Renew Spark Plug
  • Check / Renew Fuel Lines
  • Check / Renew Primer Bulb
  • Check Revs
  • Tune Carburettor
  • Lubricate Starter Spring
  • Check Fuel System*
  • Check Blade System*
  • Check Starter Assembly*
  • Test Machine
  • Clean Machine

Hedge Trimmer Standard + Carburettor Service

$170 to $220

Estimated price - inclusive of Parts & Labour

All service items of standard service plus:

  • Strip and Service Carburettor
  • Renewed Diaphragm Kit

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Standard Service Standard + Carburettor Service

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* If further repair work and additional spare parts for any of these checks are required, additional charges will apply. The customer will be advised at this stage and provided the opportunity to choose to cancel or proceed with additional repair work (unless the customer has previously requested repair work at the time of booking). Due to labour intensive nature of blade sharpening on hedge trimmer blades, we do not offer blade sharpening of hedge trimmers. For a more economical response to dull blades, we recommend blade replacement.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not service or repair hardware line brands (ie. Ryobi, Makita, Sanli, etc) or online / foreign copies (ie. MTM, Baumr, etc)

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